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Pulsa d’Nura.

E nel frattempo l’effetto di questa cerimonia cabalistica si e’ compiuto al 100%.

On Ariel the son of Vera of the family Sheinerman, we request permission to call on the Celestials, and to seek that the Angels of Destruction draw out the sword against this wicked man. That they should not show him mercy nor forgive his sins, and that all his good deeds be forgotten. And also on the sinners that are his accomplices. As it says: “The righteous will rejoice when he sees vengeance, he will wash his feet in the blood of the wicked” (Psalm 58). For his having betrayed nad been responsible for the death of his brothers and for attempting to hand over to our enemies the Sons of Ishmael, the Land of Israel. May the anger of the Lord be stengthened against him, may he be accursed, his name be erased, and may he die!

(Maggiori informazioni qui e qui. Un grazie a un caro amico che non so se vuole essere menzionato, per avermi informato di questo ennesimo rischio del vivere in Israele.)